Wooden train game Tracks comes to Switch this November

I choo choo choose you

Ever since I first spent a month with Train Sim World, I’ve had a hankering for more games featuring trains. They’re just so serene, and in 2020, serenity is something we all could use a bit more of. The Train Sim games are great, but the title I’ve really had my eyes on for the past two years has been Tracks.

This wooden train sandbox game doesn’t have the sim elements of those Dovetail Games titles. Instead, it taps into those early-childhood Thomas the Tank Engine train sets, allowing players to construct their own tracks and the villages, towns, and cities that sprout up around them.

The game released last year on Steam, but in just a couple of weeks, it’s making the jump to Switch, and it’s bringing along all of its DLC for Tracks: Toybox Edition.

Tracks will release digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch this November. The game is now available on PC and Xbox One.

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