Wooden box, small liquor: How we got a Bullestorm trailer

Determined to get me in trouble with my wife for having so much crap lying around the house, Electronic Arts, People Can Fly, and Epic Games sent me a promotional Bullestorm box in the mail again today.

In the video above, you can see the full unboxing and contents: it’s a box of weeds and leaves, along with a tiny briefcase and a magnifying glass. Inside the tiny briefcase (which I had to pry open with a butter knife) were small, prop bottles of alcohol, along with a salt shaker, a shot glass, a lime, and a barf bag.

In tiny print on the barf bag was printed a URL, which led me to the trailer I posted earlier. This, of course, was alot easier than simply emailing me the link to the URL. It did get me to ignore the other packages I got this morning, and here I am writing about it, so there’s that.

[Music: “Ostia” by Zu]

Nick Chester