Wonderful Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch unveils teeming underwater life

I will die of old age before people stop figuring out new Breath of the Wild tricks

Twitter user eu_rasi_a_3678 managed to popularize yet another Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch: a full view of the game’s underwater ecosystem, which can generally only be seen through a drab lens of blue.

Although eu_rasi_a_3678 states that “they did not discover” the glitch and they saw it on Twitter last year, a lot of folks have been buzzing about it because of how amazing this particular video looks. It basically involves squishing the camera a bit under a pier, and getting it to the point where you can view water with a clear unobstructed view.

With this glitched lens you can see the full boldness of the coral, among other features. It just goes to show how detailed this whole affair is, even content that only 1% of players will ever witness. Maybe the sequel will take full advantage of it with some form of advanced diving and/or Zora suit.

eu_rasi_a_3678 [Twitter]

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