Wonder Boy successor launching later this year

Probably in late summer or autumn

Monster Boy, the successor to the Wonder Boy and Monster World series, will launch later this year, publisher FDG Entertainment confirmed via the PlayStation Blog on Friday.

While the announcement only mentions a PlayStation 4 version, the side-scroller is also in development for PC and Xbox One. And according to a separate statement from FDG, Monster Boy will be see a simultaneous release across consoles. It seems the PC port may come sooner or later.

FDG asserted it is “planning to finish the game production in Q2 this year,” but that doesn’t mean it will release this spring. On the title’s official website, a company representative wrote “there’s still a lot to do, so please don’t expect a release in the first half of 2016.”

Monster Boy is in development at Flying Hamster studio Game Atelier, and actually began development as Flying Hamster II. However, Wonder Boy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa has since signed onto the project, and FDG has acquired the rights to use much of the Wonder Boy series’ assets — but not the name, that still belongs to Sega.

In response to fan inquries, FDG also expressed interested in bringing the title to PlayStation Vita and Wii U, but insists it doesn’t have the finances resources to port the game to more platforms at this time. Only if the game sells “well enough,” does the possibility of that happening exist.

The original Wonder Boy released in arcades 30 years ago next month.

Monster Boy launching on PS4 this year [PlayStation Blog, FDG Entertainment]

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