Wonder Boy Collection brings retro adventure action on June 3

wonder boy collection ps4 switch

Don’t forget your skateboard

ININ Games has announced a release date for its upcoming retro compendium Wonder Boy Collection. The quartet of qutesy adventures will be available to purchase on PS4 and Nintendo Switch from June 3, available in both digital and physical formats.

Developed by indie outfit Bliss Brain, the Wonder Boy Collection features four titles pulled from the legendary adventures of Ryuichi Nishizawa’s fantasy explorer. First on the agenda is 1986’s Wonder Boy, which tasks players with guiding our caveman hero through the slippiest, skiddiest platform adventure ever designed. The second title is 1987’s Wonder Boy in Monster Land, a classic arcade actioner that introduced typical RPG elements, as well as a fantasy-themed sword-and-sorcery universe.

Next up is the 1991 arcade Wonder Boy in Monster World, in which the adventurous Shion is guided by four friendly spirits on a quest to defeat the troublesome BioMeka and their army of magical monsters. The fourth title in Wonder Boy Collection is 1994’s Monster World IV, which sees new protagonist Asha set out to rescue the four friendly spirits captured by a roving party of evil sorcerers. This entry remained confined to the Sega Mega Drive platform until its latter-day re-release on Nintendo Wii, followed by a full remake in 2020.

While a pretty fun package of titles, it can’t be denied that — for licensing and other reasons — so much is missing here. Wonder Boy Collection does not feature the best game in the series, 1989’s Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, nor does it feature the legendary home ports of the first three titles, the Dotemu remakes, nor 2018’s pseudo-sequel Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom. As such, it’s difficult for ININ Games to warrant that “Collection” moniker.

Wonder Boy Collection launches on PS4 and Nintendo Switch June 3.

Chris Moyse
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