Women and volleyball come to life in Women’s Volleyball Championship for the PS2

Here at Destructoid, we love women, we love volleyball, and we love videogames. Now, Agetec will be bringing the perfect fusion of the three to the PlayStation 2 this August with Women’s Volleyball Championship, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

The game is said to be “the most accurate representation” of the sport to ever grace consoles, which means I can now sell my Wii. With six venues and twelve teams to choose from, Women’s Volleyball Championship should keep volleyball fans entertained for minutes. And while it doesn’t appear the game will feature any real-life professional players (like my favorite, “big, sweaty blond broad”), it will allow you to create a team of pros. 

“A key feature in Women’s Volleyball is players get a chance to create and train their own team. If players want their volleyball players to have certain qualities, this game allows them to customize their players to their liking,” says Agetec producer, Mark Johnson.

More features include players being affected by exhaustion, dominant hand, and being able to press “start” to pause the action mid-game.

Nick Chester