Woman beaten to death for an Xbox

What I’ll never understand about some crimes is how extreme they are in comparison to what is actually at stake. We all love games, but to murder someone for want of an Xbox is just, as Kenosha, Wisconsin, police chief John Morrissey says, “pathetic.”

Capri Walker, 51, was beaten to death by two Kenosha teenagers aged 14 and 15. Others may also be charged with the crime, which is being recommended by police as a first-degree intentional homicide. As a homicide case, they can be tried as adults under state law.

“There is still an active investigation going on,” Morrissey said. “We believe we have recovered the murder weapon. It appears at this time that it was a burglary, and Ms. Walker interrupted that burglary and was murdered.”

The two boys were neighbors to Ms. Walker, and were found out after a call came in to the Crime Stoppers tips line. A number of stolen items belonging to Walker, including the Xbox, were found at their home. Very pathetic, indeed.

James Stephanie Sterling