Wolverine The Game: Feral Sense app now out for iPhone

X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Game — Feral Sense is an interesting title for iPhone. It uses photo recognizition technology as a sort of game. Armed with the App, you’ll go out into the world looking for hidden icons and images in stores, on packaging, and in trailers, among other places. When you successfuly photograph these images, you’ll unlock content and “unleash the power of Wolverine.” What is this power going to do? Improve your reception?

More app details from the press release:

When users find an icon, they enter “Feral Sense” mode where they can photograph the icon against a ghosted image on their phones. When the icons match up, content is “Uncaged” on the iPhone for immediate interaction.

We hear that there are even some of these icons to photograph on the game’s official website.

Dale North