Wolverine devs want in on some hot Deadpool action

Deadpool is one of the greatest comic book characters ever. Normally this is where I would back this up with some humorous anecdote or story, but the previous sentence is such an undeniably true statement that I don’t need to.

Sadly, X-Men Origins: Wolverine sucks, and though Ryan Reynolds is pretty well cast as the smart mouthed assassin he’s not in it enough to be useful. On the other hand the game based on X-Men Origins: Wolverine does not suck, and part of the reason is that Raven Studios loves the character of Wolverine. Evidently, they also love Deadpool. The developer has expressed interest in giving the character his own game

Dan Vondrak, Wolverine‘s project lead, says that if they do pick the character up it would be the Deadpool from the comics, not the Deadpool from the movie. Of course the Deadpool from the movie wasn’t on screen long enough to be considered a character anyway and making a game based around him would be like making a game based around a guy wearing a red shirt in Star Trek.

Matthew Razak