Wolfenstein: Youngblood ditches the stupidly tough difficulty achievements

Mein Relief

An earmark of the new Wolfenstein games, at least for completionists, is that they are oppressively hard. Each entry has increasingly-tough difficulty-related achievements/trophies. Wolfenstein: New Order and Old Blood required beating on the Uber difficulty, the most challenging setting developer MachineGames came up with. The ante is upped significantly in Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus with Mein Leben mode; Mein Leben is the toughest difficulty with permadeath. Fail a single time and you’re right back to the opening cutscene.

None of that, surprisingly, is the case with Wolfenstein: Youngblood. MachineGames breaks the trend so that completionists won’t have to break a sweat. Youngblood‘s achievements/trophies have released, and there’s nothing related to difficulty. Actually, it seems like you’re only expected to spend a good chunk of time with the game to nab everything. Also, there’s very little emphasis on cooperative play for a game whose defining hook is that it’s Wolfenstein but with co-op.

Without some Mein Leben nonsense in the way, you’re (probably) clear to snag a platinum trophy if that’s your style. Or, just enjoy the Soph and Jess Rollercoaster and don’t worry about optional objectives. But, completionist types will celebrate like it’s Victory in Europe Day.

Here’s the full list of Wolfenstein: Youngblood‘s achievements/trophies:

  • Youngblood (Platinum) — Unlock all trophies
  • Teamwork (Bronze) — Complete a mission with a co-op player
  • Resistor (Bronze) — Kill 500 enemies
  • Swatter (Bronze) — Kill 20 drones
  • Immovable Object (Bronze) — Kill 10 charging Supersoldaten
  • Bomber (Bronze) — Kill 50 enemies using explosives
  • Supreme Ninja (Bronze) — Kill 50 enemies using thrown weapons
  • Stealthy (Bronze) — Stealthily kill 50 enemies
  • Ripper (Bronze) — Kill 75 enemies using takedowns
  • Trigger Happy (Bronze) — Fire 100,000 shots
  • Prepper (Bronze) — Pick up 250 loot supplies
  • A Red Mist (Bronze) — Gore 150 enemies
  • Rasputin (Bronze) — Revive or get revived 25 times
  • Intruder (Bronze) — Get through 10 code locks
  • Partisan (Bronze) — Complete all missions
  • Airborne (Bronze) — Kill 50 enemies while airborne
  • Sting like a Bee (Bronze) — Stealth kill 10 Supersoldaten
  • Hard Boiled (Bronze) — Kill 100 enemies while dual-wielding
  • Right Tool for the Job (Bronze) — Kill 75 enemies using the weapon type that’s most effective against their shield type
  • Heavy Artillery (Bronze) — Tuck a Hammer weapon away for later
  • American Football (Bronze) — Kill 50 enemies with your Crush ability
  • Predator (Bronze) — Kill an enemy within 3 seconds of uncloaking 50 times
  • Supportive (Bronze) — Perform 100 pep signals
  • Tacticool (Bronze) — Fully upgrade a weapon brand
  • Kitted Out (Bronze) — Obtain 10 weapon upgrades
  • Gear Head (Silver) — Obtain all improved weapon upgrades
  • A Better You (Bronze) — Obtain 5 abilities
  • Extra Everything (Bronze) — Obtain 15 abilities
  • More Human Than Human (Silver) — Obtain all abilities
  • See My Vest (Bronze) — Obtain 5 power armor skins
  • Brother 1 (Silver) — Defeat the Ubergarde in Brother 1
  • Brother 2 (Silver) — Defeat the Ubergarde in Brother 2
  • Brother 3 (Silver) — Defeat the Ubergarde in Brother 3
  • Explorer (Bronze) — Open 200 supply crates
  • Expert Explorer (Bronze) — Open all red supply crates
  • Tribute (Bronze) — Obtain the souvenir from Dunwall
  • Audiophile (Bronze) — Find all Cassette Tapes
  • Librarian (Bronze) — Find all Readables
  • Hacker (Bronze) — Find all Floppy Disks
  • 3-D (Bronze) — Find all 3D Glasses
  • Banker (Bronze) — Find 60,000 coins
  • Dark Days (Bronze) — Find all Undergrounds
  • Cinephile (Bronze) — Find all UVK Covers
  • One Woman Army (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with all weapons
  • Gunslinger (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Pistole
  • Chopper (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Sturmgewehr
  • A Cloud of Lead (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Kugelgewehr
  • Electric Feel (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Elektrokraftwerk
  • Dust to Dust (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Laserkraftwerk
  • Demolition Woman (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Dieselkraftwerk
  • Hammer Time (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with a Hammer weapon
  • Spray and Pray (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with the Blitzgewehr
  • Get the Strap (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with Maschinenpistole
  • Chop and Slice (Bronze) — Achieve mastery level 10 with a melee weapon

Hidden Trophies:

  • God Key (Bronze) — Obtain the God Key
  • Plain Sight (Bronze) — Enter the Lab X
  • World’s Best Dad (Bronze) — Meet up with your father
  • Among Friends (Bronze) — Link up with the resistance
  • Airship Down (Bronze) — Defeat Winkler
  • God Mode (Bronze) — Kill 50 enemies with their own bullets
  • Viva la Revolution! (Gold) — Kill Lothar

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trophy List Revealed [TrueTrophies]

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