Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus really doesn’t want you to eat the chocolate

That’s fudged up

Chocolate, an innocent-enough seeming pleasure, does not fly with the Nazis. “It’s disgusting and it’s dishonorable” Big Nazi tells Little Nazi before smacking him upside the head. I get the disgusting part but dishonorable might be a bit of a stretch.

That’s just how it goes in Nazi-occupied America (or at least Bethesda’s version of it). Goose step out of line and you’ll be swiftly reprimanded. This little chucklehead got a basketball to the gut, a smack upside the head, and a tattletailin’. Probably should’ve gotten more considering it’s his second hunk this week.

All the wild shooting at the end of this trailer paints an explosive picture of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, but it’s the alternate-reality world building that might have the biggest impact. Steven played it a few weeks ago and had mostly glowing praise for what he was shown. Video games have done Nazis and bullets to the point where we practically associate seeing Nazis with being asked to kill them; strangely, Nazis and milkshakes are a weightier combo.

Brett Makedonski
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