Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gets some official dedicated servers

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Id Software is making sure you can play the classics

Yes, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is getting some new servers in the year 2022. As more players are hopping on thanks to its free availability, id Software has deployed dedicated servers with a classic ruleset for players to run.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was made available on Steam earlier this year, as part of the Bethesda launcher going away. And it’s also free on the Microsoft Store, too.

With the new platform and popularity likely comes players wanting to either experience the game properly, or rekindle their old memories. And so id Software has announced that it’s deployed some official dedicated servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, to facilitate all the nostalgic carnage.

These servers are running the vanilla Enemy Territory Campaign ruleset, with all six original maps and no mods. While id says there are servers with a variety of mods and custom maps that it highly recommends, some folks want to play the classics.

The classic, vanilla dedicated servers are set up across multiple regions, so players around the world can hop in. Four official servers have been deployed: Texas, the Netherlands, Canberra, and London.

All servers will even have a message of the day, saying the following:

“Official & Vanilla Servers hosted by id Software. Enjoy! These servers are unmoderated. For issues, help.bethesda.net”

Back to the past

It’s really cool to see id Software supporting renewed interest in an older game like this. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a bit of an outlier, from what I remember of its launch. Its class system and in-match experience might not seem strange now, but it was a cool take when it launched in 2003.

Now players have an easy way to dive in and play it just like it was back then.

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