Wolfenstein 3D full motion comic teaser makes us think

We’re late on this, but it’s definitely too coo not to share. Below the fold is a full motion comic (courtesy of GameTrailers) for Wolfenstein 3D. The comic features B.J. Blazkowicz doing his thing: escaping from an evil Nazi prison, popping skulls with stolen arms, and shredding MechaHitler with a chaingun.

The wonderful visuals and artistry displayed in the comic got us thinking. What if Wolfenstein 3D was “remixed” to look like the comic? Logistics aside, we think it would be a wonderful way to deliver the Wolfenstein experience without betraying its roots. The recent downloadable rereleases on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network were too faithful. The title hasn’t aged well — the shooting is loose and the graphics are spectacularly bland.

Anyway, check out the comic if you’re a Wolf fan. It’s totally worth your time.

[via Joystiq]

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