Wolf Link and Midna figure will blow your mind, wallets

First 4 Figures latest in their amazing Legend of Zelda line of statues has started pre-orders on their next addition with Wolf Link and Midna. The statue is a 1/4 scale, 15 inch figure comes in two versions and either one is going to make your wallet cry.

The normal run is going for $329.99 and the limited edition one is $349.99. Only 350 pieces are being produced of the limited run and this one will let you light up Midna’s hair. The statues will be out second quarter of 2011.

For more Zelda goodness, check out the Goron Darunia figure for $154.99.

First 4 Figures rocks Wolf Link and Midna, also manly Goron [Tomopop]

Hamza Aziz