Wolf King keyboards should tempt the unconventional gamer

I had my first encounter with Wolf King at their booth at E For All last month and was immediately addicted to the concept – the left side of the keyboard is actually built specifically with PC gaming in mind, especially for FPS titles. Normally, this would have had a low impact on me as I don’t play a lot of FPS titles. However, since BioShock had just been released for PC, I was hot to play it as comfortably as possible.

While I own the Timber Wolf model of the keyboard and love it, this newer model goes a step further to attempt to please gamers. I’m slightly dubious about the ergonomics, but since I had a great experience on the previous product I have to admit I am curious about this one. It also has customizable hotkeys and extra USB ports for your pleasure ( that sounds dirtier than I intended it, please do not attempt sexual activity with your Wolf King product.)

Price and release date are not confirmed, but you can expect a reasonable price point as the previous model ran $59.99 (there was also a cool portable version for laptop gamers which ran $34.99.) What do you guys think – looks comfy or scary?

[Via Engadget – Thanks Joe!] 


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