Wo Long has a limited-time demo on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Wo Long demo

It runs through September 25

Koei Tecmo has surprise-released a limited-time Wo Long demo, amid a current presence on the TGS showfloor.

There’s two caveats here. Yes, limited time means limited time, as you’ll get a little over a week to play the demo. The open testing period begins now, and will run through September 25: at that point access to the demo will be pulled. Also, as is customary, you can earn a bonus item for the full game after completing the demo. In this case, it’s an item called the “Crouching Dragon Helmet.”

Here’s a rundown of the Wo Long demo from Koei Tecmo: “The demo version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an action RPG set in a dark fantasy Three Kingdoms world. As a nameless militia soldier in the chaotic Three Kingdoms world, the player will face demons and officers using swordplay based on Chinese martial arts. By clearing this demo version, players will be able to obtain a Crouching Dragon Helmet that can be used in the retail version.”

Following the demo, in classic Team Ninja fashion, there’s also going to be an online survey to tell the team what you think. They always make changes for future demos and the full version based on these surveys, so make it count. Oh, you also need to be online to play the demo, but you don’t need a paid online membership.

Download the Wo Long demo here:

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