Wizard of Legend is free with Prime Gaming this month

Also Close to the Sun, Hyper Dot, Sigma Theory, and Turmoil

“Prime Gaming” is still chugging along, and I’m still struggling with not calling it “Twitch Prime.” There’s only so many years you can write that phrase out, and not have it stick in your mind permanently. “Prime” is even still in the name!

That’s in part because not much has changed. The name is different, but the landing page and the concept is basically 99% the same. You’re still getting access to free games and content drops each month, and all your old stuff is still there. They did a pretty great job with the transition, keeping everything intact in the backend. So anyway, on to the December offerings.

The new games are: Turmoil, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, HyperDot, Close to the Sun, and Wizard of Legend. All you have to do today is go to that aforementioned landing page, and mass-click on them and you’re good to go. From there, you could wait for some of the more enticing DLC to arrive.

Immortals Fenyx Rising content is pretty fresh given that it’s not even out yet: that drop involves a “helmet, outfit, wings, and campaign horse.” On December 9, a Star Wars: Squadrons drop will arrive, and award two helmets: Bold Approach and Vibrant Focus. All of the same promotions will be running from before too, like the Destiny 2 stuff.

It’s not the most exciting December update, but given that most of you just happen to have this thing because you subscribe to Prime for two-day shipping, I’ll take it. You can find a full rundown for December below.

December 2020 Prime Gaming

  • Now – Battlefield 3 game download on Origin
  • Now – Free games with Prime – Turmoil, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, HyperDot, Close to the Sun, Wizard of Legend
  • Now – League of Legends Drop 3
  • Now –  Legends of Runeterra Drop 2
  • Now –  RuneScape and Old School Runescape content
  • Now –  Valorant Drop 3
  • Now – Smite Drop 3
  • Now – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Drop 1
  • Now –  Last Day on Earth Drop 14
  • Now –  MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 10
  • Now –  Big Farm Mobile Harvest Drop 13
  • Now –  Paladins Drop 3
  • “Soon” –  Immortals Fenyx Rising content
  • “Soon” –  Star Wars: Squadrons Drop 1
  • “Soon” –  Watch Dogs: Legion content
  • “Soon” –   Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege content
  • December 2 Epic Seven Drop 10
  • December 2 Legends of Runeterra Drop 2
  • December 2 MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 11
  • December 3 Last Day on Earth Drop 15
  • December 3 League of Legends Drop 4
  • December 8 Black Desert Mobile Drop 4
  • December 9 MLB Tap Sports Baseball Drop 12
  • December 9 Yahtzee with Buddies Drop 12
  • December 10 Last Day on Earth Drop 16
  • December 11 Roblox Drop 5
  • December 11 Last chance to claim: Victor Vran, Smoke and Sacrifice , Lethis – Path of Progress, Aurion: Legacy of
  • the Kori-Odan
  • December 14 Big Farm Mobile Harvest Drop 14
  • December 4 Madden NFL 21 Drop 3
  • December 16 Epic Seven Drop 11
  • December 22 Black Desert Mobile Drop 5
  • December 23 Yahtzee with Buddies Drop 13
  • December 30 Epic Seven Drop 12
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