With Vita I am the greatest UMvC3 player alive!

Bwahahaha! Bow before me, scrubs. No one can touch me at Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

Okay, so that’s not true. I suck. And I’m a sore loser on top of that. But, with the PlayStation Vita’s touchscreen controls and a little practice, I’m busting off moves and aerial raves like never before. Look at me!

Diehard fighter fans will scoff, but this opens up the game to a lot of other types of gamers that maybe aren’t as skilled with the quarter circle movement and the frame timing. Sure, it’s more casual, and the balance kind of goes out the window, but the touch controls are actually quite fun. I couldn’t see buying the game to only use the touch controls, but they’re a neat option that I’m enjoying.

Watch on as I give the Vita a reach around and come out looking like a champ. 

Dale North