With the new firmware update, PS5 should stop randomly installing PS4 discs

If you’re still trying to find a PlayStation 5, know that you’re missing out on some weird early console quirks

It feels like it’s going to be a while before Sony starts pushing out big new system-level features for the PlayStation 5. For now, it’s a lot of tidying up – making sure there aren’t moldy crumbs everywhere.

The newest PS5 firmware update, Version 20.02-02.50.00, was released today.

What’s new? Not much. There’s the crowd favorite stability/performance improvements to try and help us keep our tech-faith, a small quality-of-life editing feature for Share Factory Studio, and a fix for a rare but pesky-sounding installation issue that’s been bugging some players with cross-gen titles.

  • This system software update improves system performance.
  • In rare cases, the PS4 version of a game would install from the disc after you upgraded to and installed the PS5 version. Now, when you insert the PS4 game disc, the PS4 version won’t install unexpectedly.
  • You can now select and edit video clips using Share Factory Studio from your media gallery.

Come to think of it, I’ve yet to put a disc in my PS5 – in part because I still have my PS4 Pro hooked up to a separate television – but rogue installations are never fun. Hopefully that’s the last of ’em.

Jordan Devore
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