With Nintendo teasing old Pokemon forms, a Pokemon Home announcement could be coming soon


With a cheeky “spot the difference” tweet, Nintendo of Europe has reminded us that other forms of Pokemon exist, not just the ones embedded in Sword and Shield at launch.

While it’s likely that Nintendo and Game Freak will hold events for various forms (they have already for Gigantamax), there’s always the expectation that we’ll be able to transfer creatures from Pokemon Let’s Go into Sword and Shield at some point. Zigzagoon and Ponyta are teased in the below clip.

Those transfers will come by way of Pokemon Home, an app that still doesn’t have a release date or even a window. Now said app won’t fix the mass exodus of the National Pokedex as you won’t be able to bring non-supported creatures in, but it’s something, at least, and a potential link to the future.

Chris Carter
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