Wired receives retail Rock Band, unboxes it, and makes us sad

While we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our final retail review copy of Rock Band*, Game|Life’s Chris Kohler thinks it’s necessary to rub it in our faces. The band kit and game arrived at Game|Life’s offices today (read: Chris’ apartment), and  they were nice enough to document the unboxing ordeal that comes along with it.

Surely, the package is huge, and what did you expect? Drums, a microphone, a guitar, a USB hub, and a game are all shoved into the box. On top of that, everything is so tightly packed with extra cardboard and plastic wrap, that there might actually be more package than there is product. But who cares!? It’s freakin’ Rock Band, dude!

Check out all of the pictures and running commentary over at Game|Life, and formulate your own plan of attack on the package when you pick the game up on November 20.

* Note to our friends at Harmonix/EA/Reverb/MTV: My birthday is next week; I’m just throwing that out there in case, you know, you wanted to send our review copy out sooner than you had planned. No pressure.

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