Wipeout HD is 20 bucks but the seizures are free

At a Sony event in San Francisco, 1UP was able to confirm that Wipeout HD will debut on PlayStation Network for $20 in North America. Wipeout HD will have 16 “classic” tracks (the majority stemming from the PSP versions) all converted into high-definition.

The last time we talked about Wipeout HD, it was because the game failed epilepsy testing. The portion that caused the problem (Zone Mode) has been removed to make sure that you don’t fall face first on the floor and swallow your tongue while trying to race. While not having seizures is a good thing, the problem did present a pretty funny mental image when you factor crazy techno music into a seizure situation.

The release date is still up in the air even though the game has been finished, but expecting the title to drop within the next month probably wouldn’t be that farfetched. The official word on the matter is sometime in 2008.

Brad BradNicholson