Wipe your arse on No More Heroes with the official toilet paper … ?

Yes, you read that right, and yes that is a picture of No More Heroes arse paper you’re looking at. One of the more … unique … tie-ins around, this was a one-time freebie for a promotional event, so it’s going to take some hunting and bartering if you want to track down a roll for yourself. I mean, if you really, really want to.

Usually I’d find this to be pretty weird, but this is for a game from Suda 51, creator of the schizophrenic arthouse laughing living bomb shooter, Killer 7. He’s also the guy who wanders around in a lucha libre mask, so somehow this kind of activity seems normal for him.

At any rate, this would fit right in with my Super Mario Galaxy bidet and Dewy’s Adventure tampons. 

[With thanks to Jeremy Stroh]

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