Winter Sale encore brings cheap Elder Scrolls Online, Doom, and more

Grab your gears for round two

Bundle Stars is running an encore on its Winter Sale, with most deals returning for the next 48 hours (until about Thursday morning). If you were in a deep slumber during Steam’s sale, this is now your second chance to pick up excellent titles at dirt-cheap prices.

Some of the more interesting titles are MMO Elder Scrolls Online and The Secret World, both at under $10 for their standard edition, and a historic low price for The Secret World. Coupled with the 10% off code below, you’ll find many titles beating Steam prices handily at Bundle Stars.

If you missed out on 70% off Doom, this is now your second chance to pick up the #1 top-selling title during this season’s sales. Bundles not to miss include Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for $4.49, Baldur’s Gate: The Complete Saga, and Batman Arkham Bundle — all of which will give you plenty of gaming hours on the cheap.

Winter Sale Encore Top Picks


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