Winter robot art = free game for you

As usual, Hushgush kicks a ton of ass with his rendition of the Destructoid robot head in snow. It got us thinking: What would be the best winter-themed montage relating to Destructoid? We could go frolic about in the snow and make robot angels or we could ask our readers to pitch in their ideas.

Up for grabs for the winner: a brand spankin’ new copy of DBZ: Tenkaichi 2 for the Wii. I must stress that snow is not the only acceptable medium — you can make a pictoral mash-up of wintery things if need be. Also to remember: Pissing the word “Destructoid” into the snow is not considered art. Go to it snow bunnies!

Put all entries in the comment section, please. We’ll pick and announce a winner this time next week. 

Colette Bennett