WINNERS!!! Frontlines: Fuel of War and Xbox 360 winner is

Congratulations to ZeroTolo as he is the Grand Prize winner of the Frontlines: Fuel of War and Xbox 360. We will be getting in touch with you shortly to send you your prizes. And just because we just love to give as much as we can around here, the first three runner-ups will be receiving some swag based on Frontlines as well. mikemqn, Corncobtacular and Quisling, you three will be getting an e-mail from me shortly. 

Thanks again to THQ and Red Bricks Media for the prizes. And don’t forget that Frontlines: Fuel of War comes out this week. You can kill people with little robots!

Sad you didn’t win? DON’T BE! We still have the Playstation 3 & Grand Theft Auto IV contest and the just revealed Cancun trip for you to enter. GO GO GO!

Hamza Aziz