Winner of the sweet shades from Gunnar Optiks

Destructoid teamed up with Gunnar Optiks to give away a pair of shades that help prevent gamers from suffering from headaches or eyestrain as they play videogames. In order for you to have won the glasses valued at $99, we wanted to hear about the worst headache or pain you’ve ever experienced from gaming to see if you truly deserved the glasses.

BluDesign, congratulations! You’ve won the glasses for getting grounded by playing too much Super Star Wars and your DS/Japan horror story. Read BluDesign’s winning comment after the break.

We still have more contests going on! We’re giving away some exclusive BIT.TRIP Void artwork, a PlayStation 3 Slim in our Kia contest and a netbook plus iPods in our Audition contest. 

I was forbidden during the week from playing video games frequently when I was a kid. A good tell for me that I’d had enough gaming was that there was something about SNES games that used Mode 7 scaling that gave me massive eye strain.

Well… When I was 14, I came home one night to sit down to dinner after school. My mom took one look at me and grounded me for a week. I protested, “I was over at a friends house studying and doing homework!” “Really…” my mom questioned.

She took me up and dragged me over to the mirror by the front door.

She blinded ME with JAWAS!

Apparently I’d played so much Super Star Wars that afternoon over at my friends house that I’d given myself bloodshot eyes.

A second, though slightly more age-related tale… When I last went to Japan, I was traveling so frequently that I was playing DS constantly. When I returned from Japan, I started having frequent headaches at work and at home. I went to the eye doctor and he told me that all my squinting at my DS and irregular sleep in Japan had brought on an early onset of hyperopia, or far sightedness. And then he prescribed me glasses. Yay.

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