Wing Commander Arena and Super Contra on XBLA this Wednesday

Xbox Live Arcade is getting two games this week: Wing Commander Arena (800 MP) and Super Contra (400 MP). After having Bomberman Live come out last week, many of us aren’t going to need to buy any more XBLA games for a while — but that won’t stop us from throwing our cash at Konami in return for some sweet Contra co-op action (assuming there are no online issues).

Gamerscoreblog brings us the following game details:

Wing Commander Arena:

• The first Xbox LIVE Arcade title featuring multiplayer gameplay for up to 16 players over Xbox LIVE
• Four gameplay modes: Single Player, Multiplayer Team, Free for All, and Duel
• Players can choose from 18 different ships that can be customized with cloaking devices, mines, energy weapons, missiles and more!
• Skill-based matchmaking for ranked games
• Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore

Super Contra


• Two gameplay modes: single player or two player co-op, either locally on the same Xbox 360 or over Xbox LIVE
• Players can choose to play with either the original graphics or the enhanced graphics
• Compete for the weekly and all time high scores on the Leaderboards
• Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore

What’s it gonna be this time Dtoiders? Do either of these games sound good, or are you going to play it safe and continue to enjoy Bomberman?

Jordan Devore
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