Wine-making sim Hundred Days is free on the Epic Games Store

Do you think it has sommelier-m assist?

Train simulators, farming simulators, even goat simulators — here I was thinking we had exhausted all of the best simulator ideas. Well, Broken Arms Games is here to prove us wrong with their wine-making sim, Hundred Days, which is free on the Epic Games Store until next week.

The game is described as a “tycoon game with a narrative twist,” and has three different game modes so players can personalize their wine-making experience to their preferences. For beginning players all the way up to experts, Hundred Days gives players complete control over their own winery — from which vines to grow to choosing which yeast and bacteria to add for the fermentation process to deciding on the bottling details.

Every choice you make along the way will determine the quality and quantity of wine that you end up producing, making Hundred Days the perfect choice for any prospective winery owners. There’s even a couple of different DLCs you can purchase, like the Napa Valley expansion that allows players to “explore a new American wine region,” and the Grape Lab expansion that allows players to “create and produce [their] favorite grape variety.”

On top of the in-depth simulation mechanics, I also just love Hundred Days’ art style. It’s kind of cartoony and saturated with color, and I have to admit that seeing those deep purples does get me in the mood for a wine-making experience. Finally I will be able to live the glamorous Napa Valley fantasy that was instilled in me as a child after watching the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. I don’t think the game allows you to play as a sexy Dennis Quaid who rides horses all day, but here’s hoping that’s the next expansion pack.

Hundred Days will be free to download from the Epic Games Store, along with a bundle for battle royale shooter Realm Royale Reforgeduntil September 15.

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