Winds of Nostalgio screens: Witty headline about nostalgia

Androgynous, big-eyed whelps with floppy hair? Strikingly pretentious name? Yep, it could only be another Japanese RPG.

The DS is becoming home to a staggering number of RPGs, and the army on the horizon continues to grow. Dale North already posted a trailer and information (as well as beating me to the crap nostalgia pun) and it’s certainly sounding hot.

The development team is made up of people who have hits like Grandia, Fatal Frame, and Sakura Taisen under their belt, and sees Tecmo collaborating with Red Entertainment and Matrix. This game has pedigree, and should make any JRPG fan squeal with excitement. 

Here are some new screens, courtesy of Famitsu.There are guns, witches, Inca heads and more Moonspeak menus than you could hope for. Excited? You better be, son!

[Via GoNintendo]

James Stephanie Sterling