Windows 10 now allows you to stream Xbox One games onto it

Play anywhere, but mainly on the loo

Are you one of those brave souls who decided to upgrade to the preview build of Windows 10? To thank you for being Microsoft’s guinea pig while the rest of us just sit and wait for the full release, you’re now able to stream games from your Xbox One to it.

The latest build of Windows 10 (#10240) has finally added in the feature, seven months after it was announced. It will let you play games on your Xbox on a screen other than your TV.  To get it to work, make sure your Xbox app has been updated on your Windows 10 device, and that streaming is enabled on both your Xbox One and your PC.

The set-up is a bit of an arse ache, but PC World have it all listed out pretty clearly for you.  Also make sure the controller is plugged into your PC and not the Xbox, so you’ll either need a wired Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, or a wireless receiver.

Some people are throwing around the example of playing games while the family watches TV to explain what the point of this this, but we all know this’ll be so you can play Killer Instinct while taking a shit. That’s what I’d do.

Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 PCs goes live for everyone [PC World]

Joe Parlock