Win this Hot Topic hat that looks like Mr. Destructoid

[Update] Contest closed! Winners are JTHomeslice (“Despite everyone’s protests, Hamza stuck to his idea of nipple tassels attached to hats.), mix and John Wilson!

So there’s this hat trend right now where people are wearing beanies that look like animals and other neat things. As some of you have actually pointed out to us already, there’s even a beanie that looks like our beloved Mr. Destructoid. No, this isn’t an official Mr. Destructoid hat. The design is actually based on the Smoking Robot toy from the 80s, which is what our mascot is based on too.

Still, this beanie is a pretty cool and does a pretty good job at keeping your head warm. Hot Topic sells the hats for just $19.99 and have provided Destructoid with three hats to give out to you! To win, you’re going to need to give the picture of me wearing the beanie in the gallery some kind of funny caption.

The best three captions will win the hat. Either simply write it out or put the caption on the image and leave your creation in the comments below. Keep the image safe for work and contest is open to US and Canadian residents only. You have until February 25 at 11:59PM CST to enter. Good luck!

Hamza Aziz