Win the Big Daddy costume shown at the Spike TV VGA’s

Take it from me: I saw this costume from a foot away on the Spike TV red carpet, and it is the kind of thing you’d consider selling your first born in exchange for. What’s even better is that a portion of the proceeds are being donated to Child’s Play. Now all you need is a fat wallet to make it all happen and a kid cool enough to dress up as a Little Sister and make dad proud.

The seller actually made the costume himself, which he meticulously documented on his Flickr page. It has been worn a few times, but seems to be in decent condition according to description and pictures. The eBay page is also worth a read and he tells the story of what the costume has gone through and where its been (Ken Levine called and asked for it to accompany him at the VGAs!)

Current bid is $975 and it ends tomorrow. All I can say is, whoever gets this: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

[Via Ebay]

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