Win some free stuff from Ubisoft and Intel [Update]

Ubisoft and Intel have put together quite the giveaway. Every day through December 30th, the two companies will be handing out one Intel Core I7-965 Extreme Edition processor and 50 copies of Far Cry 2. The point of the contest isn’t to give prizes or to spread the word on malaria awareness. It is to answer four mysterious questions.

We haven’t the slightest what these questions are. The e-mail we received from Ubisoft didn’t spell it out for us, and I’m currently having a problem registering on the site. Chances are it’s some sort of statistical gathering kind of thing. Entrance to the giveaway can be found via this link.

I suppose it could also be four questions pertaining to animal rights and proper driving methods. In my travels across Far Cry 2’s landscapes I met many zebras, antelopes, and big hairy things. I crushed them all with my mighty Pinto of doom.  

[Update: It appears as though Americans are not the focus of this giveaway. Is this a French conspiracy or a simple mistake? Tune in later for more on this matter.]

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