Win Rocket Racing for PS3/PSP!

You are all parasites. You hear me? You are PARASITES! You want free games because you’re a bunch of idol, whorish bastards!

We like that, which is why we’ve got another set of free games to give away. This time it’s Halfbrick’s Rocket Racing, which can be downloaded onto your PS3 or PSP via the Minis channel. We have ten download codes to give out. As always, I’ve no idea if these codes will work worldwide, but whatever. You might as well try your luck. 

You want a free game for practically doing bugger all? Simply comment. You know how this goes. We’re giving you 24 hours to comment, after which time my random name picking Ekans will select ten posters. Remember, as this is a random thing, you’ll up your chances by posting more. We get free traffic, you get the chance of a free game. Everyone wins. Apart from everyone who loses. 

Don’t be a loser! Win a game!

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