Win prizes, get famous with Space Squids’ Mushroom Men writing contest!

Bust out your pads, typewriters, stenographs, or whatever it is you kids are using to write these days! Science fiction and humor magazine Space Squid, in association with GameCock Media Group and RevolutionSF, is holding a Mushroom Men fiction contest. And you’re invited.

Using your puny human brain, all you need to do is write a short (preferably intelligent) story that incorporates the Mushroom Men universe. First prize takes home a Wii, a copy of Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, gets their story printed in Space Squid, and (best part right here) will have their story printed in part or full right here on Destructoid! (Maybe you’ve heard of us — we’re kind of a big deal around here.)

All of the details on this free to enter writing contest can be found over here. The deadline to enter is August 1, 2008; that’s next week, for those of you without calendars. Sharpen your pencils or install that copy of WordPerfect on your Apple IIe — it’s on!

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