Win Lost Planet 2 multiplayer versus demo codes!

I played the new Lost Planet 2 multiplayer versus mode and so can you! Members of the official Lost Planet 2 Web site can get early access to the demo right now! If you’re feeling lazy though, you can win some codes right here on Destructoid.

We have 25 Xbox 360 demo codes to give out for the new versus mode and all you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what mechanized robot you would take with you into a Lost Planet 2 multiplayer battle. Any robot from nerdom will work!

No limit to entry and contest open worldwide. We’ll be picking 25 random winners to hands the codes out to via the private messaging system after the contest closes at 23:59PM CDT tonight. Check back tomorrow where we’ll be giving away 25 more multiplayer codes for the PlayStation 3. 

The multiplayer demo will go live to the general public on April 21 but why wait? Jump in now and get early access! Go go go!

[Update: Contest closed!]

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