Win auction, get your voice in Halo 3 or uh, Halo 4 (Update)

Bungie and non-profit organization Hollywood Arts have teamed up to give one lucky person a chance to have their voice appear in Halo 3.

Via an eBay auction, one winner will be quietly ushered into Blindlight Studios in Los Angeles to record a cameo role for Bungie’s upcoming FPS. According to the listing, the voice-over will be recorded before May 15 or will be redeemed for Halo 4. So now we have two things confirmed that we already knew — Halo 3 will not be out before May 15, and there’s no way in hell the series was wrapping up as a trilogy.

With the mere mention of Halo 4, the Internet has gone wild. Is it a typo or a sign of things to come? Regardless, anyone who is caught off guard by the mere thought of more Halo games should be ashamed. Did you seriously believe a cash cow like Halo would be limited to a trilogy? It’s money in the bank, people.

Hollywood Arts is a full-service art center designed to give homeless and at-risk teenagers access to the arts. Past supporters include Tommy Tallarico studios. Are you next? At the time of this writing, the bidding sits at $1,000, a small price to pay for pseudo-fame and support of a good cause.

Anyone want to bid to get “Hollywood” Robert Summa’s voice in the game?

[Update: The original listing has been closed and replaced with a new listing that does not mention Halo 4.

Voiceover will be recorded at Blindlight Studios in Hollywood, CA before May 15, 2007. the deadline is firm and if you miss the deadline there are no other opportunities to recoup this opportunity with Bungie. Thanks!

Bungie claims the originally listing with the mention of Halo 4 was a poor choice of words — sarcasm apparently doesn’t translate very well in an eBay auction.]

Nick Chester