Win an Xbox 360 controller with transforming D-pad!

[Update] Contest closed! Winners are Shaneq, Fisty Dollars, NoJ87 and KisamaX! Thanks to all that entered and to Mircosoft for these controllers!

The new transforming D-pad Xbox 360 controller features a D-pad that won’t want to make you smash your controller in frustration when it comes to genres like fighting games. Plus, the controller offers a different color scheme, a more comfortable feel to the analog sticks and comes with the Play and Charge kit.

These new controllers go for $64.99 but you can win one right here on Destructoid! We have four to giveaway and in order to win one, you’ll just need to leave comment telling us your favorite Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade or Xbox Indie game.

You have until December 28 at 11:59PM CST to enter and contest is open to US residents only. No limit to entry, but you must space out your answers so that at least three other people have entered before you can comment again. Good luck!

Hamza Aziz