Win a PAX 3-Day pass and other prizes from Kung-Fu LIVE!

[Final update: SirPenguin has won the last 3-Day PAX badge! Thanks again to the good folks at Kung-Fu LIVE for this awesome hook-up!]

[LAST CALL!: The first part of this contest is now closed! The three finalists are on Virtual Air Guitar Company’s Facebook ready for you to vote on! Go cast your vote and help some folks win a 3-day pass, Kung-Fu LIVE for the PSN and other sweet items! 

If you didn’t enter in time, don’t worry! You can still enter over here on Destructoid for a chance to get a 3-Day SOLD OUT pass to PAX, a free download of Kung-Fu LIVE when it launches on PSN this year, and an exclusive piece of KFL finery — Virtual Air Guitar Company has offered up more prizes right here on on our site!

Submission rules for this leg of the contest are simple: Respond in the thread below telling us why it would KICK SERIOUS ASS to get into PAX Prime for 3 days, and one lucky winner will be declared on August 20th at 11:59pm. Sound easy enough? Now let’s let ’em rip!

Kung-Fu Live is the upcoming PlayStation Network title that pulls you into the game through the power of Virtual Air Guitar Company’s patented FreeMotion Technology running only on the PlayStation Eye. You yourself will become the hero as you fight off evil forces with your body in real time. Check out newest trailer for the game above to see exactly how you’ll play the game.

You’ll be able to try out Kung-Fu Live for yourself at PAX Prime this year!

Hamza Aziz