Win a Nintendo DS Lite in our MyDoItAll contest!

Any chance your room looks like this? I’m a neat freak, so this is my idea of a complete and total nightmare, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you were able to dwell within it harmoniously. Of course, maybe some of you would rather NOT live this way (or your parents are threatening to do you bodily harm if you don’t clean up after yourself).

Perhaps you could use the help of My DoItAll DS to help you get your life organized. The game from Tomy allows you to wrangle your life into order by creating a personalized profile, using a calendar, keeping and journal an dusing tons of other cool apps. Now you can pencil in a day where you cleanyour own personal wreck once a week!

How to win A Black/Red DS Lite and the game: Just take a picture of your messy room and show it to us in the comments. The rule is that it has to be your room though, so we require that you actually be in the photograph and/or write or show the web site on your monitor.

The contest is open to all countries and runs through April 15th, so get snapping — a free DS and a life of future organization awaits!

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