Win a free pair of gaming specs from Gunnar Optiks!

I’m not sure how much time you spend staring at a computer screen every day, but I average 8-10 hours if I don’t have overtime to do. Long story short, eyestrain and headaches kind of go with the territory. I just figured all I could do was take a break from time to time, but a clever little company called Gunnar Optiks thought of a better concept — invent glasses that fix the problem.

Founded by Oakley veterans, these glasses may just be able to enhance your gaming experience. Gunnar has recently partnered with Major League Gaming to produce the Legend model, which you can see in the gallery. Valued at $99, Gunnar says these provide “reduced reaction time, improved accuracy, and increased visual endurance”. Is it true? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

To win a pair for free, simply hit the comments and tell me about the worst headache (or other affliction) that you got from a case of hardcore gaming. Feel free to illustrate with video, pictures and reenactments, such as Rey’s amazing parody here. The contest is open to all countries and runs through October 21, ending at midnight EST. As always, if you have any questions, hit me up at [email protected]. Good luck, everyone!

[Update: Here’s who won!]

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