Win a free Godfather II poster and T-shirt this week!

The Godfather II contest has been extended! We’re giving away GodfatherII-themed shirts and posters and all you need to do to win them is take a picture of yourself “waking up” and discovering something horrific in your bed. Above is Electro Lemon’s submission to help inspire you.

This contest is easy! Just get your picture taken, leave the picture as a comment on the original post and make sure you have a sign somewhere in the picture that says “” too. Up to 25 people will win (five of the prizes will go to international Dtoiders) and the contest is now going to end this Friday at Midnight. 

You people like free stuff don’t you? If you don’t submit a picture, we’re going to hire some mob guys to hunt you down, give you cement shoes, drop you off at a Celine Dion concert and seat you in between Chris Brown and Rihanna. You don’t want that to happen now, do you? 

Hamza Aziz