Win a 65″ 3D HDTV and de Blob 2 in 3D

THQ and Mitsubishi are teaming up to hold a sweepstakes with a really sweet grand prize: a 65″ Mitsubishi 3D HDTV and a 3D-enabled copy of de Blob 2. The grand prize winner will be announced on February 22, right alongside the release of the game. 

The TV is pretty badass. I saw their offerings at CES this year and really wanted to take one home. The prize set has 3D visuals and sound. It features a 16 speaker array capable of producing 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a 3D 1080p display & StreamTV Internet Media so you can stream HD movies without additional boxes or cables.

I also saw de Blob 2 in 3D at CES and it was really cool. It was apparent that a lot of work was done to really incorporate 3D and not just slap it on as a bonus. 

If you’re hoping to nab this great prize, you’ll need to head to the de Blob 2 Facebook page and click on the sweepstakes tab to confirm your email address. 

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