Will we see the Nintendo NX in July 2016?

According to rumours… YES!

Nintendo may be intent on keeping us in the dark about its latest hardware, but Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn Electronics has reportedly been given the go-ahead from Nintendo to commence “pilot production” of the NX as early as this coming October.

Digitimes is reporting that Nintendo has been visiting its” supply chain partners” with a view to submit orders by February or March 2016.

Mass production on the system is rumoured to start sometime in May/June 2016, with a possible launch as early as July 2016. 

According to Digitmes, Nintendo is looking to ship 20 million Nintendo NX (Nintendo NXes? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PLURAL SHOULD BE HERE) in the first year of sale.

Does 20 million sound a little optimistic to you? That’s considerably more sales than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One  in their debut year, and double the number of Wii U units shipped in the last three years combined. Got to love Nintendo’s optimism.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for a comment and will update as/when/if we get one.

If you missed Nintendo’s E3 presentation (during which nothing was given away about the NX), head here, or catch up with our handy guide right here.

Are you tempted to pick up the Nintendo NX at launch?

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