Will Swords and Soldiers be the next great WiiWare game?

Looking like a hybrid of Castle Crashers and Defend Your Castle, Swords and Soldiers may be the next great thing to come to WiiWare (or, more specifically, the next thing coming to WiiWare than won’t be pointless puzzle or mini-game garbage). Also handy to know is that the core team working on Swords and Soldiers also worked on the PC version of de Blob, which has been getting a lot of love around these parts.
No ETA as of yet on when we can get our hands on this game, but it’s looking cool and I’m loving the music. Keep an eye on Ronimo’s progress at the Swords and Soldiers dev blog here and try to wait patiently. We wish you Godspeed, good gentlemen!
[Thanks, Adam]
Colette Bennett