Will DMZ be in Modern Warfare 3?

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Will DMZ be in MW3? Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 breaks a lot of new ground by allowing players to bring over their existing Modern Warfare 2 operator skins, weapons, and more. It’ll also share a ton with Warzone, like MW2 before it. However, one part of the puzzle that hasn’t been confirmed for the upcoming CoD title is DMZ.

Will MW3 have DMZ?

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on whether or not DMZ will return in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. There are potentially a couple of reasons for this situation. First, details simply haven’t been revealed for the upcoming DMZ mode, which is possible given the time until release.

In fact, Warzone details, in general, are fairly scarce about how it’ll be affected by the new game, so there’s a chance we won’t know more about DMZ’s fate until later on. The other possibility, though, is we haven’t heard anything about DMZ because it won’t be in the game in the first place.

The only counter-argument to that is all of the DMZ weapons will be in the upcoming game, even though some of them were only possible to unlock through the game mode. Even still, there is a way around that situation.

Could Zombies replace DMZ in Modern Warfare 3?

While we don’t know about DMZ in MW3, we do know Zombies is making its return to the franchise with this next game. It’ll be an open-world Zombies experience, allowing teams to venture out, fight the undead, complete missions, and likely try to extract.

That sounds quite similar to DMZ, which was also a cooperative and competitive mix of mission-based gameplay. There is a chance Zombies will replace DMZ outright in the upcoming title, especially given how similar their style and structures are.

They both focus on survival and there is even a chance the open-world map for Zombies will be the Warzone one, just like DMZ, but that isn’t confirmed yet. If this were the case, there is almost no need for DMZ to exist since it’s essentially the same experience, but with AI soldier enemies, rather than the undead hordes.

With their similarities, Zombies even has the potential to make up for the DMZ weapons that carry over. Players could simply be able to unlock them through Zombies using a potentially similar extraction feature. This would even make sense for the various vests you’re able to craft in DMZ, too. For now, though, we will have to wait and see.

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