Will Bloodstained be the latest game to ditch Wii U?

I mean, it’ll be two years after the system was taken behind the barn and shot

With basically every indie/Kickstarter developer pulling a 180 on their Wii U plans, it stands to reason that Bloodstained would too — though nothing has been officially announced yet. Some people want the team to just tell backers now, so they can plan accordingly, rather than several months before the due date. We have, however, gotten a recent update from IGA for the game that’s still on track for 2018.

In addition to catching a cold and losing his voice, he also wants to explain the environmental changes for the game’s level design. Firstly, they’re making the foreground lighter and the background darker to help differentiate platforms. IGA also takes time to assuage concerns for the phrase “procedural generation,” which they’ve used in the past.

IGA says it best in his own words: “Before, we worked on environments on a texture-by-texture basis, which meant that each area required the individual time and attention of skilled artists and designers. To use our team more wisely, our new process is based more on physics, and makes use of procedural generation. Naturally, you might be asking, what kind of procedural generation? How will it be used, and for what? To put it simply, we’re using it to auto-generate environmental grime and destruction effects.”

OK, so the layouts seem to be hand-picked, so we can rest easy. You can see a comparison video below that explains what he’s talking about in further detail.

Development Update [Bloodstained]

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