Will Apple be next in line to concede to Nintendo?

According to the New York Post, the battlefield might soon lose that eerie quietness as it becomes abundantly clear that Apple is poised to try and take a bite out of Nintendo’s handheld game business — via the iPhone. According to a few sources, Apple already has at least one major game developer on hand to aid in their desire to put the motion-based accelerometer in the iPhone to good use. While not perfected as of yet, gaming on the iPhone has already shown quite a bit of potential.

Nintendo on the other hand, has recently applied to patent tilt-sensitivity on the DS, making it one step closer to being a miniaturized Wii — and we all know how well both of these have been welcomed by the public. Will apple be able to capitalize enough on the momentum of the iPhone to have a snowball’s chance in Hades of taking a real fight to Nintendo? I seriously have my doubts on this one. Besides price being the primary roadblock, most people I know aren’t too thrilled about playing games on their phones.

Maybe Apple can change this, but I believe the lack of a dedicated set of buttons and controls for gaming is still a big turn off to most people. That, and Nintendo has already proven itself as a slayer of giants in the console and handheld market. You just can’t beat a great design with plenty of software backing it up and a price point the average family can afford. Good luck Apple. The handheld graveyard is littered with those that went up against Nintendo before.

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Justin!]