Wild speculation commence: Capcom hires new Mega Man producer

Likely just for merchandise

According to the folks over at the Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter, Capcom now has a new producer for the Mega Man franchise. This bit of information came to light casually when talking about approved designs, a process that has delayed the tabletop game for longer than anticipated.

Across the internet, folks have been wildly speculating that this new mystery producer is working on a new game for the franchise, possibly with a reveal for E3. Now just hold on a minute! Without official confirmation, we have no idea what this production job actually entails. For all intents and purposes, this seems like merchandise-level production work.

While it’s possible that Capcom will have the franchise rise again at the right time (it’s still selling and franchising out tons of merch and Virtual Console re-releases, there’s no way they’d abandon it), I wouldn’t expect anything anytime soon. Of course, if a new game goes get announced at E3, I’ll eat a cake shaped like a Metool hat.

Mega Man The Board Game [Kickstarter]

Chris Carter
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